Expert Networks & Taskforces

Our policy work is driven by two key mechanisms: Expert Networks and Taskforces. These avenues enable our members to come together, pooling their expertise to shape policy development and offer invaluable thought leadership. Through collaborative efforts, we swiftly tackle industry challenges as they arise, ensuring timely and effective solutions.

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Helping to shape our supply chains through strong advocacy on critical issues
affecting the productivity, resilience, sustainability and awareness of the sector

Expert Networks

Expert Networks are drawn from ALC members to harness the specialised knowledge of the ALC membership more broadly and enable us to tap into a greater wealth of expertise.

Current Expert Networks:
- Productivity
- Resilience
- Sustainability, Decarbonisation and Energy Transition
- People, Safety and Wellness
- Interconnected Infrastructure


Taskforces bring together ALC members for a limited period and a precise task to tackle specific challenges. The taskforces will be impactful, and outcomes focused, and deliver a higher level of policy development advice and thought leadership.