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ALC is the national peak body representing participants operating across the freight and logistics supply chain.

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The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) was established in 2002 to work with all levels of government to transform the freight and logistics industry.

While the world has changed since that time, our purpose has not and we remain focused on helping to shape tomorrow’s supply chains, today. We do this by working alongside governments, policy makers and regulators to provide strategic advice and insights that improve the safety, efficiency and sustainability of the sector.

Our membership stretches the length and breadth of the supply chain providing us with a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities in the sector. Collectively we are committed to improving the industry, strengthening the economy and meeting community, and customer, expectations.

Our Policy Committees

Our policy work is fundamental to our success and we have four core policy committees drawn from our members, working on strategic industry issues. From time to time, we form working groups to quickly address specific regulation and/or legislative developments or ‘point in time’ industry challenges.

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Our membership stretches the length and breadth of the supply chain.

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